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Welcome to iDesign Graphics

Welcome to iDesign. The intention of our site is to give you an overview of iDesign, and samples of the work we have produced contained within the galleries of each of the sections. Please take a look through and if you need a chat just call us or email.


Design for Print

Design for Print

From a business card to an annual report and everything in-between! Design for print is second nature to us, with literally tens of years of experience at the sharp end designing innovative and appealing graphics.

From the initial brief you can be assured we will have a good understanding of what you require. No half baked ideas that just won't fit or even ideas way beyond the budget.

Design for print has to have that “big hook”!.

Logo and Identity

Logo design or 'corporate identity' as some would say can be best explained as image building by visually representing a company's individuality. It portrays an image of how the company would like to be viewed. From stationery and advertising through to signs and vehicle liveries, all have to be considered when designing a logo.

A logo design may have to appear not just in colour but black only too. Whatever the brief you can be assured our experience and attention to detail will create a look that represents your company and projects it forward into the future.


With many years experience in graphic design our team have seen every trick in the book to get you noticed. It is this same experience we offer to our clients in terms of marketing - ideas, know-how and cost effective routes to get you noticed.


We can help with...

  • Identity & corporate look to all items of literature
  • Advertising as print or web based
  • Packaging design and print
  • Email marketing design and implementation
  • Website design and construction including online purchasing or database interaction
  • Website marketing & search engine optimisation
  • Direct mail with address sourcing and postage discount dispatch

Direct Mail

Direct Mail

We all get a little tired with the mailers coming through the door but we do all look at them! So, if you cannot beat them, then join them. We have many years experience in this area and can help advise you if you're fresh to it. From designing the piece to give impact and 'openability' to addressing direct on to the piece or labelling to post office sorting and set up. The Royal Mail offer discounts on bulk mailing and even a 3rd class service so the postage costs are very reasonable. Call us to find out more on how you can get involved with direct mailing.

Digital Photography

Digital photography has made huge strides in recent years. When the first digital cameras arrived they were extremely expensive and gave poor quality results. With the new breed of cameras things have come a long way. Our Nikon digital camera outfit is top of the range, pin sharp and with a whole host of features that enable us to take pictures up to A4 size at a full print quality. Being able to see and magnify the results of any captured picture immediately has taken a lot of the mystic and guess work out of conventional photography. Coupled with the fact that the image is downloaded straight to the computer without the need for the further expense of processing or scanning, its easy to see why digital photography has taken over as quick as it has. Also as you can see on our re-touching page, from where we start to where we end up is often a world away.

So if you require a quick shot for a brochure or your website please contact us, we're sure you'll find the rate quite refreshing. Highlighting and enhancing pictures comes as standard when we take your pictures.

Photo Retouching

Not so many years ago altering a picture in the ways we do today was either impossible or just too cost prohibitive to contemplate. Now the possibilities are endless, so we'll just let the pictures do the talking here...

The Gallery


Web Development

Web Development

As designers it goes without saying that from the initial brief you can be assured your site will look and feel good. But design is only the start of it, with the complexity of websites and the host features they may include our eye is constantly on the speed factor. Even with broadband a viewer does not want to wait more than a few seconds, if not instantly for a page to download. With this in mind optimisation is our keyword, good looking, easy to follow and quick responding websites are what we produce. We even include SEO (search engine optimisation) to help Google catalogue your website.

Many features can be included within a website to make a difference including...

  • Online Purchasing
  • Content Management (self editing)
  • Database Interaction
  • Audio & Video
  • Animation
  • Flash elements
  • Return forms via Email

We also offer...

  • Extended SEO & SEM (search engine marketing)
  • Domain name search and purchase
  • Hosting of websites with limitless email at very competitive rates.

Flash Websites

As the name implies these types of websites are very 'flash'. Animation, movement and sound all play a key role in a flash website. Flash websites are also generally expensive to produce due to the work involved in the construction. iDesign may be able to help here with one of a number of our standard templates. Pictures and details can be changed to your specific information. A word of warning though, flash websites are notoriously difficult for search engines to catalogue thus resulting in a poor search engine placement. If search engine optimisation and marketing is a key factor for your website then forget a 'total' flash website. Alternatively if you like flash elements then these can be built-in to a standard type website that will not upset search engine placement.


iUpdate is iDesign's solution for clients wishing to easily update and manage web pages themselves. This allows you to access your website make changes, view the changes and then send live. Security can be built in to allow access to certain pages only and items within a web page can be locked down to stop editing by mistake. So keeping your website content up to date with all your latest information is easily within your grasp with this easy to use system. The many uses include latest news, events calendar, job vacancies, contact lists or your clubs latest sports results, to name but a few.

iDesign will also help set up iUpdate on your computer with a short easy to follow training session with documentation to get you started. And if the worst happens and you get into a mess, don't worry we are always available on the phone or email to sort things out.

For more information on iUpdate call us.


iShop is iDesign's very own shopping cart software that can be incorporated into your existing website or as a stand alone website running on the internet. iShop is perfect for businesses looking to open new markets or be more responsive to their current client base with some very useful features. The cart handles all online transaction payment methods. Click here for a PDF list full of iShop's features.


Database driven websites are for clients looking to upgrade their current brochure style website or clients wishing to operate websites handling large amounts of data with browser interaction. The internet is the perfect medium for greater client support and integration of working methods and information. iDesign can offer all levels of database integration. From the simple to the complex with custom designed solutions to meet any business plan criteria.

Marketing (SEO)

Your domain name and website gives people instant access to your company. Whether your website is the brochure type or you are selling products or services direct online, marketing a website is an essential part of producing one. There are many ways in which to do this, some traditional and others more specific to the internet.

iDesign have been marketing websites for some time now and have gained a wealth of experience that we utilise for all our clients. We also keep up to speed with all the latest search engine cataloging variations.

If you wish to go further with your search engine optimisation (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) of your website then we here to help. We will firstly optimise your website to the latest search engine criteria. Costs for our complete SEO service are based on website size so please contact us for a quote. We can also offer marketing of your website on a monthly basis. Here we update your site with the latest search engine trends and produce monthly analytical stat reports of keyword rankings and visitor volumes etc. We will assist with link building campaigns and look for new and innovative ways of exposing your site to a wider market.

For more information on SEO/SEM please call us.


Emailers are fast becoming the direct mail replacement. Combining text, logos and pictures directly within the email whilst keeping file sizes to a minimum is one sure way of gaining attention to any email offer. Couple this with sending your emailer once and pointing it to your contact database and the cost saving and potential business gains involved speak for themselves. Costing no more than normal artwork charges emailers can be easily accommodated in any marketing budget of regular or special offer promotions. They are also a very cost effective way of backing up postal direct mail campaigns. We can also help with email campaigns, address databases and even 'do it yourself' email marketing. Contact us for more information.

The Gallery


Print Production

Print Production

Understanding the print and reprographic process takes years of experience, that's experience we possess. We have literally tens of years experience working directly within the print and reprographic trades. Because the digital files we produce are accurate for print there are no unforeseen complications incurring time delays and added expense. From a range of stationery to multi-million run full colour brochures, anything can be accommodated and quoted. Printing technologies such as digital colour copying and printing can also be compared on cost and delivery schedules with the more traditional methods. This all means hassle free shopping for you. Putting your design and print requirements in the hands of someone you know can deliver when they say they can, and at an all encompassing competitive price. Call us to discuss your possible requirements.

We deal with many printing companies and we match print jobs with printers to give us excellent prices, quality and delivery schedules. We pass this on to you, giving detailed quotations for any print work we undertake and hopefully saving you some money. We also take that burden away from you or your staff in having to deal with a complex trade supplier. Its a one stop shop - design and print delivered to your door.

Poster and Display

Whether its a simple display poster or reusable exhibition stand you can count on us for one stop shopping. We have many years of experience in designing eye catching and pleasing designs, coupled with our hands on experience in this field. Advising on options and materials from the initial brief you can be assured your display panels or temporary exhibition displays will be of the highest quality and fit for purpose.

From A3 to a 'building wrap' - what size would you like? Digital inkjet printing has taken over in poster and display panel production with literally any size possible. Be it indoor or outdoor all can be produced with eye catching graphics at an affordable cost.


From custom built stands to 'pop-up's and 'banner ups’ we have the know how for exhibitions. Couple this with eye catching graphics and you have a presence to gain client interest. Call us to discuss your event and how we can help to get it in on budget.


When its a one off such as a shop front sign or vehicle livery then we can help. Once we have discussed the brief we will produce a design to show you exactly how your project will look. We then instruct a trusted supplier to produce and install at your premises.

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