Ultraviolet Photography

Local Preacher creates beautifully coloured pictures of flowers by using ultraviolet light. The UV light exposes colours you don't see on the flowers with standard vision, ... Read more »

Melting Furniture

Nina Saunders form Denmark produces amazing visually satisfying pieces of sculpture, the artist presents normal enough looking furniture and then melts them to create a surreal Dali ... Read more »

Roots Carved into Interesting Sculptures

Tach Pollard, a UK based artist, creates interesting and charming sculptures out of oak roots usually featuring long legs. The unique designs are available to ... Read more »

How Modern Logos Would Look Like in the 80’s

Future Punk has created a series of modern logos in a distinctly 80's style. Featuring 80's fonts and themes, logos such as Netflix and Amazon ... Read more »

Geometric Doodles

Albert Chamillard creates detailed and accurate geometric doodles. Drawn in a modest A-Z book, Chamillard uses detailed cross-hatching techniques to create an artistic alphabet. You can ... Read more »

Toy Stories

Children from around the world have been taking part in 'Toy Stories' by Gabriele Galimberti. The photographer has spent the last two years travelling the world ... Read more »

Geometric Patterns Carved into Fruit

Takehiro Kishimoto is a Japanese chef with a talent for creating incredibly detailed carving in fresh food. Kishimoto's geometric patterns are incredible but he also ... Read more »

Gothic X-ray Animals

The Oregon Zoo recently shared X-ray images of their animals having their routine health check. The results create a highly detailed and gothic image showing ... Read more »

Anatomical Illustrations

Christina Mrozik based in the USA, creates detailed and accurate anatomical themed illustrations. Featuring on the natural world, Mrozik fantastic drawings certainly catch the eye.

Bricks Replaced by Lego

Berlin-based artist Jan Vormann creates charming and expansive pieces of street art by installing Lego bricks into hole and crevasses in brick walls... The simple yet brilliant ... Read more »