Underwater Baroque Photography

Photographer Christy Lee Rogers creates elaborate underwater scene of people dressed in stylish classical clothing. The interesting pieces are almost a tribute to the classical Baroque period ... Read more »

Charming Felt Animals Interacting with Neglected Brushes

UK based artist Simon Brown AKA The Gentleman Felter create charming little sculptures of familiar British wildlife interacting with neglected old brushes. Brown's unique art breathes ... Read more »

Modern Watercolour by Marija Tiurina

Based in London Marija Tiurina is a talented artist specialising in complex modern watercolours. The inventive watercolours feature a multitude of different characters and settings with ... Read more »

J Louis – Female Figures

Talented New York based artist J Louis creates fantastic and unique paintings of female figures. In his signature style J Louis comprises both classical detail ... Read more »

Victo Ngai’s Multi-dimensional Artwork

Victo Ngai is a talented illustrator based in Los Angeles. His works comprise other many different themes which then in turn fit into different dimensions. The ... Read more »

Phillip Barlow – Nearsighted Paintings

Talented artist Phillip Barlow creates stunning works based on the blur seen by people with nearsightedness. The thought provoking work opens the mind to how ... Read more »

Modern Watercolours by Ali Cavanaugh

Artist Ali Cavanaugh captures female subjects in her amazing watercolour paintings. Capturing accurately the mini details of her subjects, Cavanaugh's modern take on a traditional style has ... Read more »

Paintings of LA by John Tierney

Artist John Tierney explores the unique architecture, imagery and lighting of Los Angeles in his fantastic pieces. Capturing the California culture and noir, Tierney paintings ... Read more »

Incredible Cityscapes by Nathan Walsh

Nathan Walsh creates incredible elaborate perspective paintings of cityscapes. The detailed pieces almost come across as photographs such is their accuracy. His latest work Catching Fire is ... Read more »