Annie Swynnerton at the Manchester Art Gallery

Manchester born artist Annie Swynnerton has a fantastic exhibition of her work on display at the Manchester Art Gallery. The Painting Light and Hope exhibition showcases some of her best work derived from collections across the country. Manchester Art Gallery Address: Mosley Street, Manchester ... Read more »


Manchester Bee in the City

101 sculptures of Manchester iconic worker bee have been unveiled in the city. The project celebrates the many features, people and places that make Manchester a unique and special place. You can find the bees dotted around around the city ... Read more »


Stopmotion Inspired Cardboard Machines

Daniel Agdag creates charming and detailed cardboard characters inspired by stopmotion animation. The interesting characters and machines would look great in a Tim Burton esque movie. ... Read more »

Stunning Textile Paintings

Markus Åkesson takes inspiration from detailed and and stunning printed textiles in his incredible works of painting. Markus uses human subjects wrapped in textiles, which also ... Read more »