Knotted Humans made from Forgotten Wood

Bennett Ewing collects discarded pieces of wood from all landscapes and creates wonderful human sculptures. The detailed work needs time to settle in the mind as ... Read more »

Wildlife/Human Hybrids Paintings

Bill Mayer creates fantastically quirky paintings which mix the features of both wildlife and humans. The paintings take on a classical style and mix in surreal ... Read more »

The Brain in Paper

Elsa Mora is a paper artist whose recent work involves making creative version of the human brain. Using a multitude of different paper techniques, Mora's paper ... Read more »

Thomas Danthony – Art

Talented artist Thomas Danthony creates unique and aesthetically pleasing pieces of art. The minimal yet detailed work is largely based off popular culture, with films ... Read more »

Pixel Art

Pappas Pärlor ingenious artwork involves recreating characters from popular tv shows and movies into pixel artwork and placing them in public areas, interacting with their ... Read more »

Limbs that Emerge From Marble Slabs

An interesting piece of work by Milena Naef explores human interaction with the natural world. Naef cuts accurate holes into slabs of marble which are deliberately shaped ... Read more »

Bowie Immortalised in Japene Art

Ukiyo-e Project, has created a unique and tasteful pieces of Japanese all centred around the late great David Bowie. Bowie was inspired by Japanese and ... Read more »