A plush Rug of Manhattan

Ollie de Wit has created an incredible, massive plush rug of Manhattan. Featuring detailed blocks and parks, the rug is available at shiftperspective.com/shop/ 

Miniature Japanese Alleys in Bookshelves

Japanese designer monde has created a unique and charming piece of art which involves a fairly innocuous book shelf which actually contains highly detailed Japanese inspired alleyways... ... Read more »

Hyper-Realistic Paintings

Take a look at the images below... They look like photographs at first but look closer and they are paintings! Created by the incredibly talented Marco Grassi, the Italian painter spends months perfecting his artworks to create the amazing finished pieces. ... Read more »


Star Wars Themes Hidden Within Bugs

Richard Wilkinson creates fantastic anatomical style bugs with hidden Star Wars characters and spaceships within. This incredibly detailed work is must for any star wars fan ... Read more »

Inspiral Stars over the Desert

Daniel Kordan has mastered capturing the beauty of space. Kordan captures the incredible stars of the milky way in some of the worlds most far away ... Read more »