Discarded Items Growing Colourful Fungus Flora

Stephanie Kilgast uses basic discard items and creates a colourful fungus flora that appears to grow off it. The interesting work could applied to most items ... Read more »

Crowded Fields – Amazing Composite Images

Pelle Cass spends hours at American college sport events capturing thousands of images of the participants, then masterfully edits them into one composite image featuring an ... Read more »

Materials in Precise Shapes

Kristen Meyer designs fantastic geometrical shapes made out objects. The objects can fully formed or torn and in bits, as along as they can come together ... Read more »

Charming Handmade Sketchbooks

These charming little sketch books inspired from travels around world were created by José Naranja. The colourful and vibrant sketches illuminate a simple sketch book and ... Read more »

Plant that Grows through the Wall

An interesting piece by Philodendron Xanad involves building a plant into a wall, allowing it to grow through from one room into another. The unique plant-wall-sculpture asks ... Read more »