Long Length Homes Made of Steel

Sculptor David Moreno creates incredible long sculptures of homes out of steel bars and piano wire. Interior details also look great on these imaginative sculptures.

Charming Miniature Birds

Katie Doka create fantastic miniature birds. The birds have tremendous detail and can perch themselves on pen, pencils and other surfaces!  

Designers Redecorate a Bathroom with Windows

A design studio was hired to redecorate a bathroom in Lithuania but were instructed to not remove any of the tiles in the bathroom. The ... Read more »

A Faux Fur Universe

Areca Roe’s incredible photographic series explores a world created around faux fur. The imaginative artwork captures a world where fur roams free!

Warped Facial Sculptures

Johnson Tsang pushes the boundaries of physical sculpture with his incredible warped faces in Open Mind. The interesting artwork gives you an open mind to how ... Read more »

Mind-bending Portraits by Miles Johnston

Based in London, talented artist Miles Johnston paints fantastic mind paintings of female subjects. The piece Withdraw explores the inner working of the mind through the subjects ... Read more »

Frozen Landscapes – Winters Tale

Shot within the mountains of Germany and central Europe, Kilian Schönberger captures the cold bite of winter in full throttle in his Winters Tale series. The fantastic photographs ... Read more »

Chance Encounters in the City

Pau Buscató has photographed multiple scenarios within cities where where several objects or people interact with each other to create an imaginative chance encounters where they ... Read more »