People & Places Entwined within an Overgrown World

Pat Perry explores worlds where people and places are entwined with the natural world of plants and shrubbery. The detailed and post-apocalyptic themed works show how ... Read more »

Incredible Origami

Ekaterina Lukasheva is an expert in creating incredible origami. Starting at a young age, Lukasheva's talent grew once she studied a book on kusudamas.

Miniature Models of a Post-Apocalyptic World

Lori Nix and Kathleen Gerber have produced an incredibly detailed and eye opening version of a miniature post-apocalyptic world. The post-apocalyptic world has fascinated many for ... Read more »

Andy Denzler – Paintings

Andy Denzler creates fantastic subject painting of people in his unique and specific style. The interesting paintings give depth to their subjects wanting you to ... Read more »

Ultraviolet Sparkling Blooms

Craig Burrows captures blooming flowers using a special ultraviolet techniques that open up a magnificent world off colour we cant see with the naked eye. ... Read more »