Miniature Urban Structures

Miniaturist artist Joshua Smith hails from Australia and creates fantastic miniature urban structures. The detailed and deep work wouldn't look out of place in the ... Read more »

Historic Paintings but with Colour Pallets

Talented artist Dimitris Ladopoulos uses a set of complicated algorithms to create his unique artwork. Ladopoulos takes classical paintings and transforms them to instead show the specific ... Read more »

Interactive Embroidery – Culinary

ipnot a Japanese embroidery artist creates incredible interactive culinary inspired embroidery! The detailed and ccurate work not only looks incredible but can involved with it too! ... Read more »

Western Gothic – Brendon Burton

American Photographer Brendon Burton has a distinctive, creative and modern style highlighted in his 'Western Gothic' photographic series. The interesting series has great depth with ... Read more »

Lucid, Biological Sculptures

Toru Kurokawa creates imaginative liquid-rock type sculptures with an almost biological inspiration. These fantastic sculptures would'nt look amiss in sci-fi film such as Alien such is ... Read more »