Nighttime Neon

Elsa Bleda photographs bright neon lights at nighttime. The colourful detail of Bleda's photographs capture the powerful resonance neon light brings to cities, shops and landscapes. ... Read more »

Dancers’ City Practise

Melika Dez captures graceful dancers practising within the confines of the city. By capturing these inspiring images of dancers, Dez bridges a gap between the ... Read more »

Liquid Gold Pouring into Art Galleries

An interesting installation by Brazilian artist Vanderlei Lopes features liquid gold pouring out of pipes and spilled on the floor. The interactive artwork highlights how something so ... Read more »

Memories Preserved Inside Jars

Christoffer Relander uses the humble jar to capture locations of memories. The idea, something that sounds straight out of an indie sci-fi, captures the imagination and ... Read more »

Sculptures Made from Cardboard

James Lake specialises in creating incredible and unique cardboard sculptures. The thought-provoking work highlights how cardboard is used and its uses as we try to recycle ... Read more »

Ethereal Paintings by Duy Huynh

Artist Duy Huynhy has created a fantastic series of ethereal paintings inspired by folklore and differing cultures. Exploring different themes in each paintings, Huyth mixes references of ... Read more »