Women of the World

Romanian photographer Mihaela Noroc has created a fantastic series of photographs titled The Atlas of Beauty. Noroc travels the world photographing all different types of women ... Read more »

Andy Gilmore – Abstract Art

Andy Gilmore creates interesting, abstract geometrical art using a mixture of different digital techniques. Gilmore's art wouldn't look amiss in the new Blade Runner or ... Read more »

Coincidental Art

Denis Cherim has created an interesting photographic project called the 'Coincidence Project'. Taking opportune photographs of visually satisfying coincidences between two or more objects, Cherim's photographs ... Read more »

Tile Optical Illusion by Casa Ceramica

Here in Manchester, tile company Casa Ceramica have created a fantastic optical illusion in the entry to their showroom. The Alice in Wonderland inspired creating ... Read more »

Photoshopping Yourself into Your Childhood Pictures

Conor Nickerson from Montreal has digitally manipulated himself to appear next his younger self in pictures. The fantastic idea simply shows how you can change ... Read more »

When Your Parents are Cooler than You.

In a recent series of posts on Reddit, users have been posting retro images of the their parents and relatives. After viewing the pictures we've ... Read more »

The Moon Table

Using both Fibreglass and Resin, French design studio Harow have created an incredible moon table. Using the Fibreglass to construct the model of the Moon's surface, the ... Read more »

Metallic Animals in Full Bloom

Creating delicate animals out of metallic flowers, artist Taiichiro Yoshida has created a unique style of sculpture which combines two forms of nature in a fantastic artistic ... Read more »

The Wrong (but Right) Guy for Photoshoping

James Fridman is absolutely the right guy to go to if you need a picture photshoping to show something else. Although, you may not get ... Read more »

Anatomical Zip-up Fish Bags

An interesting series of zip bags have been created by Japanese artist Keiko Otsuhata. In Japan fried fish is a national delicacy, and is usually friend ... Read more »