Aerial Images of Earths Landscapes

Diaz Uddin has a passion for capturing the natural world from above, showcasing a view that only the birds can see. The revealing photographs reveal an ... Read more »

Delicate and Detailed Trees on Ceramics

Heesoo Lee creates textually deep ceramic artwork. Taking inspiration from a range of natural fauna and trees, Lee has created a charming series of porcelain ... Read more »

Paintings by Kris Lewis

LA based artist Kris Lewis creates fantastically detailed paintings where the protagonist takes centre stage. With Lewis's characters all set in unique settings, their emotions ... Read more »

The Drive-in at Nighttime

Talented artist Stephen Fox has created an interesting, moody scene at the drive-in. Showing classic films, vintage and modern alike, Fox sheds new light on ... Read more »

Ultra-realistic Charcoal Portraits

The incredibly talented Clio Newton creates unbelievably life-like charcoal images that would easily be mistook and black and white photographs. The ginormous portraits (some reaching 8ft+) are ... Read more »

Twisted Scuptures

Sergio Garcia creates humorously contorted sculptures usually from realistic hands and body parts. The surreal sculptures would create an interesting piece in your front room... ... Read more »