Ultraviolet Photography

Local Preacher creates beautifully coloured pictures of flowers by using ultraviolet light. The UV light exposes colours you don't see on the flowers with standard vision, ... Read more »

Toy Stories

Children from around the world have been taking part in 'Toy Stories' by Gabriele Galimberti. The photographer has spent the last two years travelling the world ... Read more »

Gothic X-ray Animals

The Oregon Zoo recently shared X-ray images of their animals having their routine health check. The results create a highly detailed and gothic image showing ... Read more »

Black and White Wandering Roads

Photographer Håkan Strand takes incredible noir images using an analog camera. Using the natural vintage look of the film, Strand focuses on long winding roads accross the ... Read more »

Underwater Baroque Photography

Photographer Christy Lee Rogers creates elaborate underwater scene of people dressed in stylish classical clothing. The interesting pieces are almost a tribute to the classical Baroque period ... Read more »