Miniature Models of a Post-Apocalyptic World

Lori Nix and Kathleen Gerber have produced an incredibly detailed and eye opening version of a miniature post-apocalyptic world. The post-apocalyptic world has fascinated many for ... Read more »

A Single Book Disrupts an Entire Stack of Bricks

Mexican artist Jorge Méndez Blake has created an interesting and thought-provoking piece of work titled The Castle. It features a lone book disrupting the symmetry and pattern ... Read more »

Andy Denzler – Paintings

Andy Denzler creates fantastic subject painting of people in his unique and specific style. The interesting paintings give depth to their subjects wanting you to ... Read more »

Incredible Floral Building Murals

These incredible building murals are the work of Mona Caron, a talented artist specialising in improving the look of streets in need of a bit of ... Read more »

Ultraviolet Sparkling Blooms

Craig Burrows captures blooming flowers using a special ultraviolet techniques that open up a magnificent world off colour we cant see with the naked eye. ... Read more »

Miniature Urban Structures

Miniaturist artist Joshua Smith hails from Australia and creates fantastic miniature urban structures. The detailed and deep work wouldn't look out of place in the ... Read more »

Historic Paintings but with Colour Pallets

Talented artist Dimitris Ladopoulos uses a set of complicated algorithms to create his unique artwork. Ladopoulos takes classical paintings and transforms them to instead show the specific ... Read more »

Interactive Embroidery – Culinary

ipnot a Japanese embroidery artist creates incredible interactive culinary inspired embroidery! The detailed and ccurate work not only looks incredible but can involved with it too! ... Read more »

The Great American West – Alexander Davies

Alexander Davies specialises in taking fantastic landscape pictures. Capturing the raw and unprecedented landscape of the the american west, Davies allows the landscape to be ... Read more »

City Life Awards 2018

Manchester is known for championing and creating art, whether it's some of the worlds best music or renowned art, it's found here. For the 2018 ... Read more »