Hyper Real Post-disaster Paintings

American artist Jessica Hess specialises in creating amazing hyper real landscapes. Here Hess explores scenarios where a disaster or decay has taken place and how there ... Read more »

Post-apocalyptic Structures Built from Rubbish

Brazilian artist Alvaro Naddeo creates brilliantly imaginative water colours of structures built from all manner of left over rubbish. The trash structures are similar to artwork ... Read more »

Fabric Strand Skulls

Paris based sculptor Jim Skull creates wonderfully imagined sculptures of skulls laced with fabric. The threads show off and celebrate the complex nature of contours ... Read more »

Beautiful Abstract Human Paintings

Using various materials and paints, New York based artist Firelei Báez creates amazing vibrant paintings showing off human form interacting with abstract elements. Baez artwork is ... Read more »

Blossoming Flowers from Wild Animals

Italian artist Nunzio Paci creates wonderful detailed painting of wild animals entangled in blossoming wild flowers. The thought provoking art work shows the connection between ... Read more »

Miniature Furniture Sculptures

Kiyomi a Japanese miniature artist has created a series of charming mini furniture. The great detail gone into something so miniature shows Kiyomi's dedication to the ... Read more »

Fantastic Oil Paintings by Saffron Newey

Saffran Newey creates fantastic surreal oil paintings taking inspiration from the natural world and exploring the dramatic changes that can happen within nature. The artwork ... Read more »

Ultraviolet Photography

Local Preacher creates beautifully coloured pictures of flowers by using ultraviolet light. The UV light exposes colours you don't see on the flowers with standard vision, ... Read more »

Melting Furniture

Nina Saunders form Denmark produces amazing visually satisfying pieces of sculpture, the artist presents normal enough looking furniture and then melts them to create a surreal Dali ... Read more »

Roots Carved into Interesting Sculptures

Tach Pollard, a UK based artist, creates interesting and charming sculptures out of oak roots usually featuring long legs. The unique designs are available to ... Read more »