Paintings by Kris Lewis

LA based artist Kris Lewis creates fantastically detailed paintings where the protagonist takes centre stage. With Lewis's characters all set in unique settings, their emotions ... Read more »

The Drive-in at Nighttime

Talented artist Stephen Fox has created an interesting, moody scene at the drive-in. Showing classic films, vintage and modern alike, Fox sheds new light on ... Read more »

Finland and Iceland and night

Mikko Lagerstedt’s photographs of both Finland and Iceland capture the breathtaking natural nordic landscapes of these two nations. Using long exposure Mikko can capture the amazing ... Read more »

Ultra-realistic Charcoal Portraits

The incredibly talented Clio Newton creates unbelievably life-like charcoal images that would easily be mistook and black and white photographs. The ginormous portraits (some reaching 8ft+) are ... Read more »

Twisted Scuptures

Sergio Garcia creates humorously contorted sculptures usually from realistic hands and body parts. The surreal sculptures would create an interesting piece in your front room... ... Read more »

The Amazing Images of Bird Photographer of the Year

The Bird Photographer of the Year award was recently awarded to some the best photographers capturing the magnificent world of Birds. Alejandro Preto Rojas was the winner ... Read more »

Gigantic Buddha in Japan

The seriously incredible Makomanai Cemetery must be the most unique and interesting cemetery in the world. The gigantic Buddha has stood there for years but recently as ... Read more »

Nature-Inspired Furniture

Sculptor Camille Kachani  creates charming nature inspired furniture. With bookshelves and chairs featuring, these unique takes on everyday furniture would sure improve a room at home... ... Read more »

Oversized Fabric Moths

Yum Okita creates lifelike oversized Moths from fabric. Constricted together using embroidery, fake-fur and feathers (+more) Okita uses by-hand techniques to create these wonderful insects.

Hilarious Vandalism

Some great little pieces of street art (or good vandalism) on show. Take a look around your surroundings next time to see if you can ... Read more »