Minimimal, Sentimental Tattoos

Alican Gorgu a tattoo artist based in Istanbul creates charming minimalistic tattoos. Exploring different pictures determined by the client, Gorgu recreates the scene in his unique minimal style. ... Read more »

Artistic Accidents with Paint Pots

Pools of paint form different artistic accidents in the from of crazed smiles and art tributes. Joe Suzuki's ongoing series explores the hidden art form of ... Read more »

The Beauty of Smoke

Ken Hermann's 'Smoke' highlights (quiet literally) the simple beauty of smoke. Observing the colourful clouds, Hermann shows the depth and detail the smoke makes once ... Read more »

Artist Who Deletes Graffiti

At Stenograffia, a street art festival in Russia, a collaborative movement of street artists have chosen to delete graffiti replacing it with a mind-bending optical illusion. The ... Read more »

Pictures from the Battle for Mosul

Kainoa Little couldn't find any buyers for the fantastic photographs he took whilst documenting the battle for Mosul so shared them online for free. The detailed ... Read more »

Jan Pypers – Photography

The cold atmosphere in Jan Pypers unique photographs marry well with the ethereal detail of the the subjects and surroundings featured. Based in Belgium, Pypers ... Read more »

The Worldwide ‘Accidental Wes Anderson’ Locations

The internets latest photo hunt involves people around the world snapping locations that look like the belong in a Wes Anderson movie. The quirky and ... Read more »

Worlds Inside Resin Rings

A unique and special miniature world presides in these unique rings by Enchanted Soul. The project is currently under a kick-starter site which you can ... Read more »

Anatomical Dish-ware

Ronnie Baranga spends time creating unique and slightly disturbing anatomical dish-ware. These special pieces of sculpture would be a great party piece or a stars in ... Read more »

The Unseen Bottom Half of Famous Portraits

Ogilvy Chicago have created an ingenious idea for an ad campaign for Kiwi shoes. The clever idea involves showing what the unseen bottom halves of famous ... Read more »